• Who are &Soul?

    Our mission is to build inspiring, functional spaces that offer value for money, in which the people of London can stay, work, and flourish as part of a diverse but like-minded community. We put our heart and soul into everything we do.

    In short: &Soul is London’s conscious community.

  • What do you mean by ‘conscious community’?

    To &Soul, a ‘conscious community’ is an environment that allows you to live ‘consciously’, or rather ‘with awareness’, alongside a supportive and accepting community.

    By bringing our awareness to how our actions can impact ourselves, those around us, and our planet, this is a way of living consciously. By creating a framework and a sanctuary where our members can stay consciously alongside each other, we form a ‘conscious community’.

  • How does &Soul foster a sense of community within the building?

    Our varied and extensive events programme is our primary tool for bringing our community together. We centre our activities around our core pillars: Ceremony & Ritual; Learning & Development; Connection & Communication; Wholeness & Healing; Dance & Play; Fitness & Self Care.

    We believe that the best communities are steered by the people who stay within the building. That’s why our core events programme is delivered by our Work Exchange team who stay within the building on a subsidised fee in exchange for their time and expertise.

    We will also host regular whole-community gatherings to provide space for ceremony, ritual, feedback, and discussion. We’ll seek to support your needs throughout your stay to enable &Soul to be your sanctuary: a place where you can feel at home.

  • Am I expected to contribute my time within the community?

    We believe that in the best communities, connecting with one another and sharing your wholeness is a natural part of the culture. There is no obligation to contribute your time and skills to our other community members, but we support our members to become active participants in community life.

    If you would like to contribute your time by joining the Work Exchange team, you’ll be able to discuss this with us during your application process.

  • Can I host my own events at &Soul?

    Everyone is welcome and encouraged to share their interests and hobbies if they feel they want to add something to our programme. We will endeavour to support and promote any gathering that is free and available to &Soul members.

  • What makes &Soul unique compared to other similar spaces in London?

    Have a look at our page: “Whats included”.

  • What types of rooms are available?

    Take a look at our rooms page.

  • Who can use the &Soul facilities?

    &Soul members gain exclusive access to our incredible playground of amenities, including a fully-equipped spa, communal kitchen, organic kitchen garden, gym, and much more. See our Amenities page for more info.

  • How long does it take to travel to Central London?

    Southall is on the Elizabeth line, which takes 18 mins to travel into Paddington. 

    We are providing folding bikes free of charge for all of our members, which will enable you to get to Southall station in under 7 minutes. You’ll  be able to take the bike with you on public transport, giving you a fantastic mobility solution to get around the busy traffic in London, pollution free! Learn more about our location here.

  • How do you support disabled people?

    We have worked to make sure &Soul is inclusive of all. We have 13 fully fitted DDA rooms and will ensure we always have an array of activities on our events programme to suit a variety of needs. If you would like to speak with us to help us understand your individual needs, please discuss this in your application process.

  • Can my pet stay with me?

    We love our nonhuman friends and have done our best to find space for them within our building. Our building wasn’t built for pets, but there are a few spaces reserved for pets that keep in line with our requirements. There is a £50 per month surcharge and an additional cleaning fee for pet owners.

  • Can I personalise my space or make modifications?

    Our rooms have been beautifully and thoughtfully furnished with all that we think you’ll need, ready for you to move in. If you have particular (freestanding) comforts you’d like to bring with you, we encourage that, but recommend that you first check they’ll fit. Four talented, young artists have created bespoke art for each of the four room themes. If you’d like to add more art to your walls, we love that about you, but please note there will be a cost when you leave to make good the paintwork.

  • Is there a place for parking and bicycle storage?

    We are pleased that there is free, unrestricted bay parking on the adjacent streets nearby. We also have on-site parking available for pick up and drop off (on request). 

    In terms of your bike, we have it covered (literally): our bike rack is in a covered and secured area at the side of our building.

  • How is security and safety ensured within the building?

    For your safety, our building is staffed 24/7. We employ CCTV in our communal areas and operate with a key card security system to ensure our building remains secure.